Agnes Meadows,  international performance poet, author of four collections of poetry, hosts the Angel Muse readings each month at the Borders Bookshop, N1 Centre

Jacqueline Saphra, elegant and smart poet

Poetry Translation Centre: “Welcome to The Poetry Translation Centre. We’re a small organisation [based in London] dedicated to translating contemporary poetry from Africa, Asia and Latin America. To date, we’ve translated 103 poems by 40 poets from 21 countries written in 18 different languages. On our website you’ll find poems in translation and in their original languages, recordings of readings, photos and videos of our events, and information about what we do and how we translate.”

Holland Park Press – a small press in London, publisher of my recent collection, To Sing Away the Darkest Days. Poems Re-imagined from Yiddish Folksongs. To quote from their website:

“At Holland Park Press your book will enjoy the limelight and it will not be overshadowed by the bestseller of the year or month. Each book is precious and once you become one of our authors we will work in partnership with you to make the most out of your book. We publish an author not just a book.”